Sheet Set Manager Program - 2010
A Time Saver

This program will renumber all of your sheets within a sheet set with a push of a button and it can update a Sheet Set Custom Property called "TotalSheets" with the total number of sheets within the sheet set. If the "TotalSheets" custom property does not exist, the program will create it. You can then add the value as a field in a title block. 

The program will work for Autocad 2010 based products. For Autocad 2007-2009 based products purchase the 2009 version.

While I do give lots of stuff away for free, I'm going to try to generate some revenue to support the blog and style pages. The program costs $20 for a single seat or $100/office.

To get the program use the Buy Now button below, an email containing the program will follow when I check my email.

The file provided is a DVB file, if you want a toolbar or a lisp command to run the macros you will have to create it yourself. Instructions on how to create a Toolbar may be found on the internet or here. To get it to run type VBALOAD and load the provided file and then VBARun to run a macro. You can select the one you want to run, either the renumber sheets or update the TotalSheets property.

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