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Remove Color Overrides for Mtext

Code that will remove color overrides from Mtext. I haven't fully tested it so be careful! RemoveColorOverrides.dvb

Distances Between Two Points

Time of Concentration for 3DPolyline

2009 Version: TcCalulation.dvb

Toggle Tooltips

Toggle on/off the Drawing Settings Show Tooltips ToggleTooltips.dvb

Surface Points

Create Civil 3D points at each surface point. SurfacePoints.dvb

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Pipe Network Structure Table

Small example of creating a Pipe Network structure table using VBA.

2009 Version: PipeSample.dvb 

2007 Version: PipeSample2007.dvb

Create Points With Elevation

Create points with elevation CreatePointsWithElevation.dvb - 2009

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Create Point Relative to Elevation

Create points with relative elevation CreatePointsWithElevation.dvb

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Get Point Information

Gets point information and sends it to the command line. 


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Skip the Feature Line Dialog Box

Converts a select polyline to featureline while skipping the dialog box. SkipFeatureLineDB.dvb

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Multiply Owned Objects (MOO)

Prompts the user to type in the handle of the MOO and then gives the option to delete the object.  Moo.dvb

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Extract 3DPolyline From Corridor

Prompts the user for a Corridor and a Code Name and extracts the feature lines with the code to 3DPolylines. ExtractFeatureLinesType.dvb

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