Degree of Curvature



General - Parcels - Grading - Alignments - Profiles - Corridors - Pipes - Surfaces - Programming DegreeOfCurvature.dwg Both files contain the same drawing. I'm seeing if the .zip protects the formulas since in the past the expressions where removed from the drawing. The file contains Degree of Curvature formulas for both formulas that I found. You should make sure that the formula is correct for your needs. Expressions that are in the drawing, in case it strips it out agian. DG

50DivRadius: 50/Radius

TopPortion: 360*100

BottomPortion: 2*pi*Radius

DegreeOfCurvature: TopPortion/BottomPortion

DegreeOfCurvature2: ASIN(50DivRadius)*2

You may want to add the Rad2Deg function to convert the radius from radians to degrees.